This style of sticky rice is very soft, just like western rice puddings. You can use either black or white sticky (glutinous) rice


1½        cups cooked black sticky rice, or white sticky rice

400ml    coconut milk (1 can), mixed well with a spoon

1 can     longan in syrup, drained

1½        cups water
1 tsp      tapioca starch
½ cup    sugar
½ tsp     salt


1. First prepare the sticky rice. Rinse rice 2-3 times until water runs clear. Place rinsed rice in a bowl and fill with cool water so the water is approximately 2-3 inches above the rice. Let the rice stand in water for 6-8 hours minimum, or if possible overnight.

2. Drain the rice, place it in a cheesecloth, wrap it up and put the cheesecloth inside a bamboo steaming basket. Put 6-8 cups of water in a sticky rice steamer. Then place the bamboo steaming basket inside sticky rice steamer. Be sure the bottom of the basket does not touch the boiling water. Place a standard 8 inch lid loosely over the top of the basket.

3. Turn on the heat, medium/high, and steam the rice for 45 minutes (or until tender).

4. Place 1½ cups cooked black sticky rice in a saucepan and add 1½ cups water. Bring to a boil and cook for 12 minutes (or a bit more if you want the rice to be extra-soft). Add sugar, salt and coconut milk.

5. While the rice is cooking, in a separate bowl mix the tapioca starch with a small amount of water and stir to make a paste. After the rice has cooked 12 minutes, add the tapioca. Stir well and remove from heat.

6. Add longan meat to the rice and stir through. You can add more coconut milk on top when serving.

7. Serve warm.


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